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About the Designer

With many years of experience as a model, stylist and advertising creative, designer Andrea Acailawen developed her love of couture designs, artistic abilities and knowledge of the modeling industry into a successful hobby as a designer. In 2005, she began creating custom jewelry, accessory and prop pieces for use in photography, often bringing those skills into her work as a stylist. She quickly developed a reputation for creative artistry and quality design. Looking forward a few years, the next step became obvious. In 2009, her new design company, Acailawen Designs, was officially launched.

The designer continues to provide unique, mid to high-end pieces to photographers, models and stylists for artistic, editorial and commercial print photography and fashion shows, as well as television and film. She also offers consultation and custom design services direct to the consumer, handcrafting inspiring one-of-a-kind items to meet her customers’ specific needs. Being a designer who also lives a green lifestyle, she has also committed to incorporating green design practices into her work wherever possible

Andrea Acailawen's inspiring green designs can be found online, as well as at various gallery showings throughout Central Florida. Her work is best defined as green couture.

About the Company

Acailawen Designs is a dynamic green couture label, featuring stylish jewelry and accessory designs for both men and women. The styles range from elegant and classic to saucy and playful to big, bold and dramatic. Offerings include both one-of-a-kind, custom designs and limited edition pieces, hand-crafted from a wide array of materials. Eco-friendly design practices are at the core of the line.

Acailawen Designs is driven by the desire to create striking designs meant to heighten the senses, capture attention, and create stunning visual impressions that won't soon be forgotten.

Define your style with modern elegance!

Leave a lasting impression with a stylish design by Acailawen Designs.

By propelling forward the concept of what is fashionable and stylish through her rapidly evolving green design label, Andrea Acailawen is redefining couture elegance one design at a time.