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The Designs
About the Jewelry

Acailawen Designs offers a variety of custom green jewelry designs for men and women, including a colorful spectrum of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches and pins, watches, cufflinks, rings and much more. The designs are created from a vast array of materials in a broad spectrum of colors and textures. Reclaimed metals, found and recycled objects, renewable resources and ethically sources gemstones are included in many of the designs.

Often times, focal pieces and findings are custom designed to bring a special touch of elegance and charm to a hand-crafted piece. Most designs are one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces.

About the Accessories

Accessories by Acailawen Designs are as diverse as the line's jewelry offerings. Products in this line include a fine selection of hair accessories and headpieces, as well as clothing accessories, such as hats, purses, handbags, scarves and belts. Many items include hand-crafted focal pieces, unique clasps or hand-stitched bead work to add a further spark of elegance and appeal.

The design gallery currently features images of Acailawen Designs jewelry used in artistic, commercial and editorial print. Accessory design section coming soon.

Colorful, stylish and artistic jewelry designs. Enticing, unique accessories. An ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible, green design practices. Acailawen Designs. Custom designs that leave a vivid, lasting impression. Couture Elegance Redefined.